John Fetterman Got In On The Adam Levine Sext Joke Train, Using It, Of Course, To Troll Dr. Oz

Did Maroon 5’s Adam Levine really have an affair with a model almost half his age? Did he really ask if she was cool with him naming his forthcoming third child after her? Levine says no. But 23-year-old model Sumner Stroh says yes. Wherever the truth lies, it resulted in other women sharing alleged sexts Levine sent them, all of them embarrassingly basic. It led to lots and lots of social media yuks. And one of them happened to be a certain congressional candidate who used it troll his easily dunked-on opponent.

That person, of course, is John Fetterman, current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania who’s running for the state’s vacating Senate seat. For months he’s been relentlessly, creatively dragging the Republican candidate, Dr. Oz. Fetterman and his team rarely pass up an opportunity to belittle him, and this time was no different.

Fetterman selected one of Levine’s dingbattiest (alleged!) messages, where he wrote, “F*ckkkkkkk” followed by “I’d do anything for it.” Fetterman threw in the caption, “Dr.Oz trying to get money, fame + power.”

Last week, Fetterman broadened his attack zone, especially after learning that Doug Mastriano — the pretty terrifying MAGA candidate who could very well be the state’s governor — also had deep Jersey roots, including being registered to vote there until only recently. Could Fetterman resist making a Jersey Boys joke involving him and Oz? Fetterman could not.

(Via The Daily Beast)