Adam Levine’s Awkward Instagram DM Flirting Inspires Hilarious And Wild Memes From Fans

Earlier this week, an Instagram model by the name of Sumner Stroh accused Maroon 5’s lead vocalist Adam Levine of having a year-long affair with her, contacting her about naming his forthcoming third child after her. Levine has since denied the allegations through a statement shared with TMZ, admitting he “crossed the line” and “in certain instances it became inappropriate.” Meanwhile, Stroh leaked messages the pop star had sent her, prompting lots of memes.

One person used a screenshot of Adam Levine’s messages stating “It is truly unreal how f*cking hot you are; Like it blows my mind” to recall the classic fairytale Goldilocks And The Three Bears. Another used the same screenshot to describe her MacBook after 30 minutes of use.

Others got more creative. One person photoshopped a three-dimensional rendering of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider upon Levine writing, “Holy f*ck; Holy f*cking f*ck; That body of yours is absurd.” Another used the same messages but instead placed a photo of the Indianapolis Colts guard Quentin Nelson squatting during his pregame stretch above them. One went as far as to edit the Levine messages themselves to say “It is truly unreal how soon the Bob’s Burgers season 13 premiere is; Like it blows my mind.”

Needless to say, the internet has yet again found a way to laugh through someone else’s pain. Check out some more of the other tweets inspired by Adam Levine’s awkward DMs below.