John Oliver Is Captivated By How Much Donald Trump Appears To Dislike His Children

John Oliver had a field day with Donald Trump‘s latest video. The former president has been firing off increasingly erratic rants as he reportedly faces a pending arrest in New York. In this new missive, Trump touts that he got rid of the estate tax, or “death tax” as he calls it, which for starter, isn’t true. He actually increased it. But Oliver was more interested in what happened next. Namely, Trump seemingly bragging that he cut his kids out of his will.

While touting his non-existent repeal of the estate tax, Trump noted that no one says you have to leave anything to your kids.

“But if you don’t love your children so much — and there are some people that don’t, and maybe deservedly so — it won’t matter because frankly, you don’t have to leave ’em anything,” Trump said to close out the message. “Thank you very much, have fun.”

Oliver had a field day with the unmistakeable dig.

Via Huffpost:

“He’s still got it,” Oliver fired back. “And by ‘it,’ I mean whatever it is that is so deeply wrong with his brain. Do you know how much you have to hate your kids to get distracted by that thought in the middle of a political speech?”

The “Last Week Tonight” host offered up a scathing example: “We should have pulled out troops from the region sooner. Speaking of regretting not pulling out sooner: Don Jr.”

To the surprise of no one, Trump is most likely not joking. According to his former bookkeeper, Allen Weisselberg, Trump waved off concerns about the death tax for his own fortune because he’s not sweating leaving his kids anything.

“I don’t care, I’ll be dead, and the kids will have to fend for themselves,” Trump reportedly told Weisselberg, which certainly jibes with his latest video.

(Via Huffpost)