Trump Reportedly Doesn’t Care What Happens To His Kids After He Dies: They Can ‘Fend For Themselves’

Donald Trump’s kids are nothing if not loyal, especially the oldest three. (Tiffany mostly keeps quiet, and who knows what young, tall Barron thinks of him.) Whether he feels the same way is up in the air. Some who know him claim he does not. Michael Cohen — the former president’s former lawyer, who went to jail for him and has since been relentlessly warning people he’s not to be trusted — has claimed he would never save his kids from jail time. Now a new book is confirming how little he cares for his children.

As per Raw Story, there’s yet another new Trump tell-all. It’s called People vs. Donald Trump: An Inside Account, and it’s by New York District Attorney Mark Pomerantz. One passage relates a conversation between Trump, then-bookkeeper Allen Weisselberg and Cohen. (As Cohen once did, Weisselberg is going to the slammer for Trump.) During their discussion, Trump was talking about his net worth would be, which he kept inflating.

“At one point his growing net worth number became so inflated,” Pomerantz writes, “that Weisselberg warned him that he was creating a large potential estate tax liability—upon his death, the tax authorities could demand taxes commensurate with his inflated net worth. According to Cohen, Trump responded by telling Weisselberg that ‘I don’t care, I’ll be dead, and the kids will have to fend for themselves.'”

So much for fatherly love. It’s not clear how large Trump’s wealth is anyway these days. What’s more, Ivanka has been clearly worried her father’s antics, such as helping foment an attempted insurgency, will harm her own brand, making it difficult to create her own wealth. Then again, she and her husband are unimaginably rich. Maybe one day they’ll have to give out loans to Don Jr. when people stop watching his lunatic video rants.

(Via Raw Story)