John Oliver Dragged Ron ‘Tiny D’ DeSantis For His Weird Dating Trick To Weed Out Women Who Will Correct Him

John Oliver went to town on Ron DeSantis after learning about the Florida governor’s bizarre dating tactic during his bachelor days. As the Last Week Tonight host explained, DeSantis (or “Tiny D,” according to the latest Trump nickname) would tell a potential date that he wants to take her out for Thai food, only he’d purposefully mispronounce it as “thigh” food. If the date corrected him. DeSantis would immediately bounce because he doesn’t want a woman who will correct him.

Oliver couldn’t believe that “Business Fred Flintstone” would actually do this in real life, and it made even less sense when he tried to imagine the scenario playing out. Via The Daily Beast:

“You’re out to dinner and out of nowhere your date tells you that he really likes ‘thigh food.’ And you think, ‘Wait, did he just call Thai food ‘thigh’ food? I might have misheard.’ But then he goes on to say he knows a great ‘thigh food’ restaurant in the area, all while staring very intently at you, almost studying your reaction. So, as politely as you can, you say, ‘Wait, do you mean Thai food? Like, from Thailand?’ And then suddenly his face drops and he says, ‘Sorry. I forgot I have a doctor’s appointment tonight’ and he leaves—leaving you with both the check and the single greatest first date disaster story of all time.”

Oliver, did however, use the dating trick as an opening to roast Fox News for its fawning coverage of DeSantis, much to Trump’s dismay.

“I’ll put it this way,” Oliver said. “If Fox News ever went on a date with Ron DeSantis, they definitely wouldn’t correct him when it called it ‘thigh food.'”

(Via The Daily Beast)