Jon Stewart Even Went On Newsmax To Sh*t All Over GOP Senators Who Voted Against Funding To Support Ailing U.S. Military Veterans

Jon Stewart continued his campaign against Republican senators who voted against a veterans healthcare bill by calling them out on during an interview with the ultra-conservative Newsmax network. Shortly after his fiery speech on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building, Stewart conducted an interview with anchor Shaun Kraisman where the former Daily Show host explained why the Republican objections to the Honor Our PACT Act make no sense and reek of hypocrisy.

“So the Republicans, when you say what you said, they do not support veterans. The Republicans push back saying there is unrelated spending within this,” Kraisman said.

“It’s not, it’s just not true,” Stewart responded. He added, “The bill itself is incredibly detailed and prescriptive about what it’s for. It’s about treating and preventing the different conditions that veterans are coming home with, including cancers and chronic bronchiolitis, and all these other issues from their exposures in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

According to Stewart, the Republicans objection to the bill creating a “slush fund” for veterans healthcare shouldn’t be an issue because they have absolutely zero problems with a slush fund for weapons or other military spending. Via Mediaite:

“They don’t support the troops. They support the war machine. And that’s got to stop,” Stewart continued.

“The value in the U.S. military isn’t in the toys. It’s not in the hardware. It’s not in the tanks. It’s in the men and women. And until they start supporting them in the manner that they purport to online. Yeah. They are hypocrites,” Stewart concluded.

The comedian’s remarks for Newsmax were notably less profane than his speech on the Capitol steps where he called Republicans “motherf*ckers” for killing the bill that had previously received bipartisan support. “If this is America First, America is f*cked,” a defiant Stewart told a throng of reporters and passersby.

(Via Newsmax)