Jon Stewart Brings The Fight To D.C. As He Blasts GOP ‘Motherf*ckers’ For Killing A Veterans Healthcare Bill

Not content with slamming Republicans on Twitter for killing the Honoring Our PACT Act, Jon Stewart arrived outside the U.S. Capitol building on Thursday, and he proceeded to rage against the GOP. During the nearly ten minute long press conference, Stewart went to bat for veterans who have been denied necessary healthcare after being exposed to toxic burn pits. While the PACT act initially had bipartisan support, it was sunk at the last minute by outgoing Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who Stewart called a “coward” during his fiery speech.

“How are these people human?” Stewart asked the crowd who gathered outside to hear him speak. “Where’s any sense of decency, from any of them?”

While there’s speculation that the Republicans blocked the bill in retaliation for Joe Manchin backing President Biden’s Build Back Better plan to the chagrin of Mitch McConnell, Stewart doesn’t care about senators engaged in “f*ckery” because time isn’t something that veterans have. Via The Daily Beast:

“Senate time is ridiculous. These motherf*ckers live to 200. They’re tortoises. They live forever and they never lose their jobs and they never lose their benefits and they never lose all those things,” Stewart said.

Veterans, Stewart continued, don’t have time. “Their time is precious…. Every minute of delay is a minute that a veteran who fought for this country and their families and their caregivers suffer and die,” he said.

“Tell their cancer to take a recess,” he said, adding one more line before he walked away from the cameras: “If this is America First, America is f*cked.”

You can watch Stewart’s full remarks below, and as you can tell, C-SPAN isn’t kidding about the language warning:

(Via The Daily Beast)