Jordan Klepper Asked Trump Supporters About The Jan. 6th Hearings Learned That They Think Witnesses Like Ivanka Trump Were Actually Clones

The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is once again, doing the incredibly hard, virtually impossible job of trying to make sense of the MAGA mob’s thoughts, this time on the Jan. 6th hearings. Interpreting a Trump supporter’s belief system when it comes to stolen elections is a bit like wrangling a posse of feral cats, but Klepper hasn’t let the QAnon whackos get him down yet. (He’s done this many, many, many times.)

His latest foray into the world of tacky slogan t-shirts worn by white nationalists cosplaying as American patriots has given us this gem, a seven-minute-long clip of sad dolts who refuse to accept reality when confronted with proof that Trump and his team knew their claims of voter fraud weren’t true. Klepper traveled to a Trump rally in Mississippi where the twice-impeached president was giving a speech to, we don’t know, hear himself talk? Before he could lure people in, Klepper caught them outside where the event was being held, showing them footage of people like former Attorney General Bill Barr and Ivanka Trump who have gone on record, admitting they accepted that Trump lost the 2020 Presidential Election fair and square.

“I told him that the stuff that his people were shoveling out to the public was bullsh*t,” Barr said in the clip Klepper showed to Trump supporters. He followed that up with a video of Ivanka’s testimony in which she admitted, “I respected Attorney General Barr. So I accepted what he was saying.”

Despite physical evidence presented to them in real-time, the people Klepper talked to were able to perform some magnificent feats of “mental gymnastics” in order to ignore the truth about their beloved Big Lie. One Trump supporter claimed Barr had “turned on” Trump and been paid to do it. By who, we’re not sure. Another claimed the video of Ivanka didn’t look like her, suggesting the clip had been doctored.

“It doesn’t even look like her, it might not be her, what do they have now? Clones these days? It might be a clone, yeah,” the man laughingly answered.

Klepper then responded, “That is a hot take, my friend. It is almost like you are confronted with it and your brain just does somersaults to figure out there must be some other reason.”

Still, some had no clue what happened on Jan. 6th. Two young women first believed the date marked the actual day of the presidential election. When Klepper explained it was the day a mob of people attacked the Capitol, they looked painfully confused. And yet, we’re sure everyone interviewed still traveled inside to hear Trump drone on about what a big loser he is.

What the full video below: