‘The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Revisits All The Wild Anti-Vaxxers He Interviewed In 2021

As part of his “Fingers the Pulse” segment for The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper has been engaging with anti-vaxxers all over the country and from both sides of the aisle. He’s met up with some wild folks who have been flooding school board meetings and local governments with their refusal to mask up or jab up out of a misplaced sense of loyalty to Donald Trump, who is not only vaccinated, but also got a booster shot.

Naturally, Klepper can’t fit all of his encounters into each of his segments, but in his latest video, he’s graciously shared outtakes from his anti-vaxxers interviews that landed on the cutting room floor during 2021. In one of the clips, a woman claims that there are actually more people in the hospital after they got the vaccine, which she said is not “life-saving.” When Klepper presented her with the fact that 92% of people hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated, he asked if that worries her. Unfazed, the woman says no.

While talking about ICUs being full with another anti-vaxxer, the man says in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that many people. As Klepper points out, the man’s take is essentially that ICUs are filling up, but that’s OK because kids need to see other kids’ faces.

But probably his best exchange is with a die-hard Trump supporter who says she’s not an anti-vaxxer, but she thinks the vaccine was rushed out too quickly. When Klepper asks if she’s against the vaccines moving at “warp speed,” she agrees. With the woman on the hook, Klepper then asks if she thinks Trump isn’t getting enough credit for getting the vaccines out, and she proceeds to rail against Biden for taking all of the glory. At which point, Klepper points out that Trump’s vaccine initiative was called “Warp Speed,” and its main mission was getting the vaccine out as quickly as possible. She did not have a reaction to that news.