Jordan Klepper Crashes Both Trump-Loving CPAC And Democracy-Hating Hungary And Finds Lots Of Overlap

Donald Trump may be some resort-dwelling, possibly jail-bound money-loser with a failing social media service. But to the Republican party, he’s the 2024 front-runner. As is his wont, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper invaded MAGA land to find what his followers are really saying — and it’s not all that different from what people say in a country without a lot of freedom.

In his latest video, Klepper first stops at this year’s CPAC, where he ignores the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mike Lindell, and, of course, the big guy himself. Instead he made a beeline for the fans. One tells Klepper that Trump was great with the economy. Klepper responds by pointing out that the economy was in the gutter when he left office in January 2021.

“I’m talking about before the COVID economic collapse,” she replies.

“We don’t count the whole term,” Klepper shot back. “We cherry pick numbers to make him look like a fantastic president.”

One young Trumpist says he likes his insults, like calling people fat and stupid. Klepper gets him to admit Trump has the sense of humor of a 15-year-old like him. “So you wanted a 15-year-old as president, and you got that,” Klepper said.

Eventually Klepper notices that more and more attendees are singing the praises of Hungary, whose prime minister, Viktor Orban, is infamous for cracking down on democratic norms — and winning the praise of Trump and Tucker Carlson. He eventually heads over there, where he finds a similarly blinkered, bubbled populace. But it’s really a teaser for Klepper’s new special, “Hungary for Democracy,” which airs on April 21.

In the meantime, you can watch Klepper’s latest video above.