Election Loser Kari Lake Is Straight Up Calling Herself The ‘Real’ And ‘Duly Elected Governor’ Of Arizona (Despite Losing)

Remember Kari Lake? At one point she was an anti-Trump news anchor. Then she reinvented herself as a small-time Trump clone. Last month her bid to become governor of Arizona ended in magnanimous defeat. She responded by making like the former president, simply — and without evidence, and despite being humiliated in court — crying voter fraud. Now, some two months after losing, she’s going as far as to declare herself the winner.

As per Mediaite, Lake went on the far right streamer Real America’s Voice, where she caught the gang up on her failed attempts to prove widespread voter fraud. “I mean, with President [Donald] Trump, they did this, they did this in the middle of the night, and our movement was so big and so powerful that they couldn’t just do this in the middle of the night,” Lake asserted. “They had to pull out all the stops and do this in broad daylight. So everyone saw it.”

Lake, who has filed appeals after losing a court case claiming voter fraud, then made a bold declaration about herself. “The way we get it changed is we get a — the real governor, the duly elected governor, myself, in there to work with lawmakers to change our laws, put some teeth into the laws, and frankly, we need to recall every one of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors,” she said.

Despite Lake’s baseless cries of election malfeasance, Arizona has already moved on without her. The real winner, Katie Hobbs, was sworn in on Monday without a fuss. Will Lake ever accept defeat? Probably not. But what she’s already been doing is sounding ever kookier, including vowing some veiled revenge on the “evil bastards” who turned her into another of last year’s failed MAGA candidates.

(Via Mediaite)