Kayleigh McEnany Confusingly Called Hillary Clinton A ‘Megalomaniac’ Who ‘Hasn’t Conceded The Election And Wants To Be President Again,’ Which Sounds A Lot Like Donald Trump

It would be pretty hard to confuse Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump. One of them is an overweight man with ill-fitting pants and a bizarre orange tint who can most often be found in a golf cart. The other is the woman who actually won the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election, but graciously conceded when it was clear that her opponent — Trump — had won the electoral college. While Kayleigh McEnany spent several years working for Trump, the former White House press secretary seems to have either confused or conflated the one-time opponents.

As Mediaite reports, McEnany appeared on Fox News on Wednesday, where she chatted with Jesse Watters (groan!) about Gutsy, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s new Apple TV+ series, which shines a spotlight on brave women making a difference in the world. While the series is an offshoot of their best-selling 2019 book, The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience, Watters and McEnany have a suspicion that it could be something more. Like, say, a signal that Hillary might be looking to make another run at the presidency in 2024

“Is she setting herself to wait in the wings in case Biden doesn’t run?,” Watters asked. To which McEnany — absolutely clueless to the irony of her own words, or the inaccuracy — replied:

I know it’s portrayed as the biggest conspiracy theory since the last conspiracy theory. However, I don’t think you’re wrong, Jesse. If there is anyone that we can say, megalomaniac, addicted to power, thinks she should’ve been president, still essentially hasn’t conceded the election, and wants to be president again, it would be this woman. It would be Hillary Clinton. I’ve always said she’s the dark horse. I mean, what, it’s Pete Buttigieg? You really think she’s going to let this guy stand up and be the next President of the United States? I think she could run.

For anyone whose brain can remember back to the 2016 election (you’re excused, Kayleigh), Hillary — despite winning the popular vote by approximately 3 million — conceded the election the very next day, as soon as the electoral college results were confirmed. And she did it in the classiest way possible, by telling her supporters that “Donald Trump is going to be our president” and that “we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.” And she said these words without even gagging!

As for Trump? Well, he didn’t take his loss in 2020 as well.

You can watch McEnany’s chat with Watters on Mediaite.

(Via Mediaite)