Trump Appeared To Have His Pants On Backwards During A Rare Post-Presidential Speech, And People Lost It

As president, Donald J. Trump wasn’t just evil and he wasn’t just stupid. He was also weird. Every day, it seemed, he gifted the world with something uniquely bizarre. You probably forget about some of them. Remember the orb? Him telling a seven-year-old Santa isn’t real? Kim Jong-un’s giant letter? The hidden Coke bottle? The weirdness, it piled up. We don’t get that every day, like we used to. But perhaps one can take comfort in this: On Saturday, he gave a speech while appearing to have his pants on backward. He’s still got it!

The president-turned-failed blogger made a now-rare public appearance at a to-do for North Carolina’s Republican party. It was a greatest hits show. He bashed Biden. He spread 2020 election lies. He tried to take credit for the COVID-19 vaccine. He slurred words. In other words, he gave the people what they wanted. And he did it all while appearing to wear pants that didn’t have a zipper, at least in the front, where it’s supposed to be.

This was probably not true. The professional debunkers at Snopes declared the claim that he had backwards or elastic dress pants false, saying there was other footage from the same speech where he clearly had on normal pants.

But the damage was already done.

Some remarked on how far he’s fallen. Sort of.

Others made Kris Kross jokes.

And other comparisons.

Some said Trump was making his successor look even better.

Others made jokes about Hope Hicks, his former political advisor, who he reportedly once chastised for not steaming his pants.

And there were other jokes.

True or not, it left some people outraged that they had to once more think about Donald Trump’s crotch.