A Weird Photo Of Trump’s Orange Face Inspired Lots Of Memes On Twitter

It’s well-documented that the current president has a very orange face. But we really get an unflattering close-up of just how unnaturally Cheeto-ish it is. On Friday night, two days after being acquitted of crimes by the Senate and five days after applauding the wrong state for winning the Super Bowl, a picture was shared by the Twitter account White House Photos — a zoom-in on Donald J. Trump’s face as he walks across the South Lawn of his current D.C. home. And it was so shocking that it immediately launched a thousand memes.

It’s true the photo does appear to strongly confirm suspicions that Trump is an avid wearer of make-up. His also orange hair is swept back by the wind, revealing what looks like a lot of spots he failed to miss, such as the top of his forehead and the area directly adjacent to his ears. Truth be told, his face looks as slathered in makeup as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in the new Birds of Prey.

It’s been a week for the president, who found himself, as many predicted months ago, acquitted by the Republican-heavy Senate of the two charges that got him impeached by the House of Representatives. His public appearances since have seen him emboldened, newly energized, and seemingly ready to take revenge on his endless enemies.

What to do when Trump seems poised to make life even worse? When all else fails, at least you can make fun of him. And many did.

There were many side-by-side comparisons.

Some really went there.

And some reflected on how mocking the president for being a weirdo will only serve as a respite before things get even worse.

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