Things Got Awkward When Kellyanne Conway Went Off On A Rant About Her Husband George On CNN

They might be the oddball-iest couple in the public sphere: Kellyanne and George Conway. She spent nearly four years as Donald Trump’s senior counselor (and was part of his empire for well before that). He’s a longtime Republican who became famous for trashing his wife’s boss and even trying to end his re-election chances. For years, Kellyanne kept shtum about how they made that work, but lately she’s been speaking ill of her spouse of over 20 years.

As caught by Raw Story, Kellyanne went on CNN, where host Michael Smerconish dared ask about the state of her marriage, especially considering her husband had accused Trump of “witness tampering” on MSNBC mere hours before. He got more than he perhaps expected.

“You know, in 2016, known as the year of the tweet, George Conway sent zero tweets,” Kellyanne said. “Now he’s sent over 100,000. He can change his mind about Donald Trump, this is a free country, George has no allegiance to a political party or presidential candidate but his vows to me I feel were broken because we were all in.”

Kellyanne then launched into an epic rant, which Smerconish tried — and often failed — to interupt. She said it was George that told her to take the campaign management job that led to her post in the White House, but that he eventually turned on Trump, tweeting about him relentlessly and even co-founding the Lincoln Project, comprised of anti-Trump renegade Republicans. She she confronted him about his “steady diet of ‘Trump, Trump, Trump,” but to no avail. Instead, he “became some kind of resistance folk hero but not at a small cost.”

Kellyanne was even surprised at how far George went. “I feel that I should have known ahead of time if this thing called the Lincoln Project was going to exist there were going to be ads, dumping an op-ed the next day, his tweets are going to be about my boss,” she said. She continued:

“Again, just so your viewers who are saying ‘why did you have her on? I turned off the TV,’ although they didn’t or are reading online, they should know that George — I feel like I was owed an explanation. And this is not the situation, I gave up millions of dollars to go be a public servant in the White House. George wanted to have a big job in the Trump administration, we moved our family to Washington as a family. He changed his mind about Donald Trump somewhere along the way. Famously, Donald Trump never changes. I didn’t change my mind.”

Kellyanne has been promoting her new memoir, which has led to revelations about how much Trump hated all the mean things her husband was saying about him. Nevertheless, she’s standing by her old boss.

You can watch Kellyanne’s CNN appearance in the video above.

(Via Raw Story)