Kellyanne Conway’s Unearthed 1998 Stand-Up Comedy Routine Is Every Bit As Cringeworthy As You’d Imagine

Kellyanne Conway is known for her stunning, lie-filled performances on cable news, but did you know that she once tried her hand at stand-up comedy? Thanks to the miracle of some devoted soul who dug this 1998 clip up, now we can all cringe along in unison.

This 11-minute routine doesn’t quite qualify as comedy in the conventional sense, but Conway — then Kellyanne Fitzpatrick — is a pollster by trade, so this naturally arrives with a political slant. After some dreadful jokes about her weight and what it’s like to be a blonde, she sort-of solidifies her theme at the end with a jazzy song (“The Pundette Blues”), in which she sings about Monica Lewinsky and Newt Gingrich.

Let’s just say that last week’s SNL Conway skit did it better. The routine appears to have been performed at a charity function, so Conway likely didn’t have any professional aspirations in the entertainment realm. And everything worked out well for her in the long run, since she can now unintentionally amuse Anderson Cooper on the regular.

Naturally, social media is currently making “alternative facts” jokes that are almost as bad as this routine, so everything has come full circle. Conway hasn’t yet commented on this unearthed footage, but a journalist would have to be really brave to address the matter with her, considering her newfound reputation as a scrappy fighter.