Kim Kardashian’s New Booty-Baring Catsuits Are Being Mercilessly Mocked For Their, Uh, Strategic Design

The ladies of The View recently trashed Kim Kardashian‘s business advice for women, and the world could surely use their followup comments on this next Kim K. subject. (Fingers crossed!) To briefly recap, Whoopi Goldberg was only one of many people who weren’t impressed by Kim essentially telling women that they could be wildly successful (via Variety), if only they would do this: “Get your f*cking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Kim’s work, besides reality TV (The Kardashians will premiere in April on Hulu), is to ostensibly design and promote her SKIMS clothing line. And Kim doesn’t realize that her existing wealth and celebrity-lawyer father are what have made it possible to sell very impractical designs that it’s hard to imagine wearing. Case in point: SKIMS posted a new array of crotchless catsuits on Instagram. Kim modeled a design, which you can see below (from a few angles), but here’s the outfit that’s attracting the most “wtf”-style remarks (for understandable reasons).

As Page Six notes, this is SKIMS’ “first open-crotch offering,” and what a debut. Billed as a design that “hugs your curves and compliments your confidence,” people are taking notice in a way that may not have been intended. Well, that’s at least the case for the “In case you need to pass gas. Perfect for the occasion” comment. And then the utility-based mockery really kicks in: “It’s giving quickie.”

That’s not the only option for (dis)comfort in catsuit wearing. This outfit leaves the crotch area open, but the purpose is defeated if one wears the accompanying panties underneath, right? “Why do we need this?” one user asked, and another got super practical: “How do you wash your hands in these?” It’s a fair point.

And here are the versions modeled by Kim (and her selective angles).