Kim Kardashian Sees Herself With ‘Absolutely No One’ Following Her Split From Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has ruined all other men for Kim Kardashian.

That’s my 100 percent accurate takeaway from the model and law school graduate‘s appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday. When asked about what kind of man she eventually sees herself with, Kardashian, who dated the former-SNL star for nine chaotic months before breaking up in August, replied, “Absolutely no one.”

Co-host Kelly Ripa later suggested that Kardashian “stay off dating apps” (unlike Ben Affleck) when she’s ready to date again because “you need a titan of industry… That is what you are, and that is what you need. It’s a very small field but he’s out there, sitting here, watching this.” Kanye is out there, sitting, watching, but he ain’t it.

But The Kardashians star admitted she’s considered the possibility of dating someone outside of the entertainment industry. “I did say before, maybe I should try to date a doctor or a scientist. So maybe a bunch of attorneys or scientists would reach out,” she said. “But I’m just not ready… I’m not looking for anything. I think I really just need to be by myself and focus and finish school. And spend time with my kids.”

Good luck to all the doctors, scientists, and attorneys out there. We’re rooting for you.

(Via People)