Kim Kardashian Keeps Launching New Brands, And Now She’s Getting Into Skincare: ‘SKKN BY KIM’

Kim Kardashian, who is well-known for judging other people for their work habits, is adding another brand to her long list of brands with very off-putting names, like SKIMS, KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance. Now, another K-centric name is in the mix: SKKN BY KIM, which reads a little bit like a keyboard smash. What does she have against vowels?

For once in her life, Kardashian admitted that her beauty has a lot to do with privilege (aka money) and insists that she’s bringing all the secrets from the world’s top dermatologists to her new line, which features a nine-step (!!!!) skincare routine.

“I’ve been so privileged to learn about skin and skincare over the years from the world’s top dermatologists and estheticians, and every bottle from my new line is filled with the knowledge I’ve accumulated along the way,” Kardashian tweeted.

The brand launches June 21st, and they have conveniently not revealed any prices of the products, though the packaging is refillable which is pretty nifty. “You will experience refillable packaging, and clean, science-backed ingredients designed to nourish all skin types, tones, and textures at all stages of maturity.” Kardashian tweeted.

Reports of a skincare line began last year when Kardashian quietly trademarked the brand name in April 2021. The business mogul already ventured into jewelry, hair products, and even her own app. What will she think of next? A line of SmartKars? A new streaming service for Pete Davidson to roam free in his post-SNL life? Or maybe a tattoo shop? The opportunities are endless.