The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Has Turned Into A Fiasco, And People Are Aghast At The Judge’s ‘Don’t Get Brazen With Me’ Outburst

As the Kyle Rittenhouse trial devolved into a full-on circus, people are having strong feelings after Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder unloaded on a prosecutor during the proceedings. While Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger began cross-examining Rittenhouse, the judge stopped the trial and sent the jury out of the room when Binger’s line of questioning delved into Rittenhouse exercising his right to remain silent. That’s when things went off the rails. Via Insider:

“I was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant’s post-arrest silence,” Schroeder said. “That’s basic law. It’s been basic law in this country for 40 or 50 years. … I don’t know what you’re up to.”

The judge added: “You’re an experienced trial lawyer, and this should not have been gone into.”

When Binger calmly attempted to explain that Rittenhouse’s testimony opened the door to the questioning, Schroeder yelled from the stand, “Don’t get brazen with me.” The phrase quickly started to trend on social media where people couldn’t believe the outburst.

As if that wasn’t enough, later in the trial, the judge’s phone started going off revealing that his ringtone is “God Bless the U.S.A.” which is often played before Donald Trump rallies.

The ringtone incident was definitely an odd moment, which only added more suspicion to the proceedings after the judge was the only one who seemed to believe Rittenhouse’s sobbing was real when he took the stand. Naturally, Rittenhouse’s legal team is reportedly attempting to capitalize on the situation by requesting a mistrial with prejudice, which would essentially prevent Rittenhouse from being retried if the judge approves.

(Via Insider)