Kyle Rittenhouse Appeared To Be Sobbing While Testifying At His Homicide Trial But Some Think The Whole Thing Was A Staged Act

Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old kid who traveled across state lines and killed two people during protests against police violence in Wisconsin last year, is currently on trial trying to prove he acted in self-defense.

Rittenhouse — who is from Illinois but traveled down to Kenosha, Wisconsin during the unrest armed with an AK-47 — has had his defense team employ a number of contradictory statements to explain why the teenager was in the city and what he intended to do there. The most unbelievable of these being that Rittenhouse was there, armed with a literal killing machine, to provide (via Raw Story) “medical support” and “first aid” despite being a high school student with no formal medical training.

But, as wild as that story is, it’s nothing compared to seeing the theatrics on display when Rittenhouse took the stand today. It’s normal for defendants in self-defense cases to testify under oath in order to tell their side of the story during trial, but Rittenhouse quickly became a blubbering mess while trying to describe the night in question and the moment he decided to take two people’s lives (and injure one more).

Now, just as Rittenhouse has no formal medical training, he’s also not a trained thespian, so his weepy performance on the stand didn’t really leave many (except maybe the judge, who offered him some water and a chance to compose himself) convinced of his sincerity.

We can’t predict what the actual court of law will decide, but in the court of social media opinion, Rittenhouse is maybe guilty of needing better acting lessons.

(Via Raw Story)