Larry The Cable Guy Told His Fans To ‘Lighten Up’ After They Got Mad At His Marjorie Taylor Greene Joke

Larry the Cable Guy got a taste of conservative outrage after he made a joke about Marjorie Taylor Greene acting out at the State of the Union address. The backlash was particularly ironic given Larry (real name: Dan Whitney) is not shy about his political beliefs, and a bleeding heart liberal he is not.

“This pic reminds me of every comedians x girlfriend coming to their show and sitting in the back 6 days after the breakup,” Larry tweeted along with four photos of Greene’s Cruella-like outfit.

Despite defending Greene in the replies, Larry received pushback from Republicans and fired back on Thursday night.

“This wasn’t a political joke!” The Cable Guy tweeted. “Unbelievable. Lighten up some of you sheesh. It was about a comedian getting heckled by his x at the club. She had all the gestures. Some of you def don’t follow me or you’d think twice on your dumb comments.”

In Larry’s defense, his politics are pretty clear. A quick look through his timeline should’ve put to bed any concerns that he leans heavily to the right. Just take a look at his recent tweets and retweets.

On top of that, Larry actually likes Greene and made it a point to defend her after making his “joke.” He also shut down a Twitter user who accused of him voting for Biden.

In short, as much as conservatives love to complain about liberal snowflakes and how no one can take a joke anymore, they should probably take a good look in the mirror. When you’re accusing freaking Larry the Cable Guy of The Blue Comedy Tour fame of being “woke,” something’s gone wrong.

(Via Larry the Cable Guy on Twitter)