Seth Meyers Loved That Marjorie Taylor Greene Dressed Like An ‘Old Rapper’s First Wife’ For Biden’s State Of The Union Address

While it’s hard to choose the single wildest moment from Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, one thing we can all agree on — regardless of political affiliation — is that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s outfit was the sartorial personification of “white trash.” And Seth Meyers couldn’t wait to talk about it.

On Wednesday night, Meyers discussed Greene’s white fur monstrosity during his “A Closer Look” segment, in which he talked about the “blowback” Republicans are facing for their sheer inability to simply sit in a room while the president is speaking “and listen and not be insane.” As Meyers explained:

Unfortunately, it seems like some of them skipped their electroshock therapy, because they spent heckling and yelling incoherently from the back rows. Like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was seen screaming and pointing fingers in a white fur coat like a Long Island dance mom about to get her final warning…

Why is she wearing a white fur coat to the State of the Union address? She looks like an old rapper’s first wife.

That wasn’t the only shot Meyers took at Greene; he also compared her to a “Real Housewife who wasn’t allowed into a reunion show.”

But Meyers was the first to admit that no one should have been surprised by Greene’s decision to “act like an obnoxious weirdo” during President Biden’s speech, given that she had posted a video of herself carrying a white balloon around — one she presumably wanted to bring with her to the speech — just a few hours earlier. While she may have meant it as a knock against Biden’s handling of the alleged “Chinese spy balloon,” Meyers thought she looked more like a teenager who “threw herself a Sweet 16 party and no one showed up.”

You can watch the full clip above.