Laura Ingraham Is Blaming Mass Shootings On Marijuana (Again)

Laura Ingraham has weed on the brain. In the wake of May’s tragic shooting at Uvalde, Texas’ Robb Elementary School, the Fox News host went on a several-day tear about how “pot psychosis” was clearly to blame for America’s gun problem. Even after being schooled by former RNC chairman Michael Steele on the topic—who wanted Ingraham to share “What kinda sh*t you smoke?”—Ingraham is back at blaming weed for society’s most violent ills.

On Tuesday night, Ingraham was happily blaming pot for the July 4th mass shooting that left seven dead and dozens injured in Highland Park, Illinois—and just moments after her fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson was blaming recent shootings on nagging women!

Ingraham didn’t mince words when she gave her expert opinion on Robert Crimo III, the suspected shooter in the Highland Park tragedy. Noting that “indications are that Robert Crimo was a regular pot user. Now, one look at him and, to the untrained eye, he looks like a complete psychotic—if you’ve ever seen anyone looking like him.”

Ingraham went on to claim that regular pot use can trigger “psychosis and other violent personality changes” in young men, yet cited no evidence to support her claim. Instead, she claimed it was part of a larger conspiracy being perpetrated by Big Pot. While marijuana is legal, at least to some degree, in 38 states, Ingraham isn’t buying that it doesn’t pose a grave danger to users.

While Ingraham admits that not everyone who uses pot becomes a violent psychopath, because that would be “ridiculous,” but she really wishes the media would spend more time “scaring” young people away from smoking pot in the first place.

Ingraham closed out her diatribe by telling parents that they need to get into the game and make sure they’re scaring their kids away from smoking weed. “This could happen to you—to your family—no matter how wealthy you are, how well-adjusted you are, how mature and together your children seem. It’s time to call out the phonies and call in the warriors for common sense.”

Sounds like someone could use a joint.