With A Straight Face, Laura Ingraham Is Actually Doubling Down On Blaming Weed For America’s Mass Shootings

It has now been nine days since a teenager walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and shot and killed 21 people, including 19 children. And with each passing day we’re hearing increasingly bizarre reasons why the shooting happened from people on The Right—none of them having anything to do with guns. While Laura Ingraham has been getting mercilessly dragged for naming “pot psychosis” as the culprit, she doubled down on her lame theory Wednesday night and made it clear that, yeah, she’s pretty confident weed is to blame for our unprecedented gun violence. (Sounds like someone could use a gummy.)

On Wednesday night, the Fox News host laid out her concerns:

Considering the horrific carnage here from other tragedies we already know about where high potency cannabis may have played a role, it’s important that Americans have more answers. We deserve to know the truth about this multi-billion dollar—and growing—industry. How it’s affecting our young people, our working age population, and even our military readiness.

Notice the important use of the word “may” where she says “cannabis may have played a role.” Some media outlets stated that the gunman in Uvalde may have smoked a joint at some point, which is all the ammo Ingraham needed to launch her Pot Kills campaign. Facts and science be damned! Fortunately, social media exists to help Fox News viewers distinguish fact from right-wing fantasy, and Ingraham was yet again mercilessly mocked for her bullsh*t.

The only positive thing to say about Ingraham’s anti-cannabis crusade is that it sounds better than blaming doors for the death of 21 innocent people, as Ted Cruz has repeatedly done.