Lauren Boebert Raged At Universities Teaching ‘Lesbian Dance Theory,’ And People Think That Sounds Awesome

Last week, Joe Biden announced he would be making the lives of millions of Americans much better, and Republicans could not be more angry. The president unveiled a comparatively modest form of student debt forgiveness. It won’t wipe it all out, as some had hoped, but it will still help an entire generation all but crippled by their decision to pursue higher education. This made the GOP mad — mad that people keep pointing out how many of them have had their own loans forgiven; mad that the government is doing something, anything to improve the lives of citizens; mad that the Democratic Party may have locked down the millennial and Gen Z vote.

But few conservatives were mad in as creative a fashion as Lauren Boebert. The firebrand, who dropped out of high school and wound up marrying a guy who exposes himself to women and terrifies their neighbors, went on Fox News to rant and rave about graduates not drowning in debt and ever-escalating interest they’ll never be able to pay off. She was also hopping mad that Biden called the MAGA wing of the Republican Party “semi-fascists.”

“How the heck does Joe Biden call America First conservatives a threat to democracy with a straight face and a dry diaper?” she said. “He is the one who’s allowed millions to invade our southern border. He’s the one who is robbing hard-working Americans to pay for Karen’s daughter’s degree in lesbian dance theory.”

It’s the kind of outright homophobia — not even dog-whistling — that has returned to the GOP with a vengeance, and has all but killed their chances at appeasing younger, more diverse, more progressive voters. Indeed, Boebert is such a joke that her comments weren’t even seen as offensive. In fact, many thought “lesbian dance theory” sounds pretty rad.

Others just made jokes.

And some dwelled on Boebert’s hostility to education, even at the basic K-12 level.

In the meantime, summer’s almost over and universities are about to start their fall semesters, and it’s probably not too late to sign up for “Lesbian Dance Theory 101.”