Lauren Boebert Claims Her Husband Was Victimized By A Devious Woman When He Was Arrested For Exposing His Penis In A Bowling Alley

Lauren Boebert is taking a page out of Tammy Wynette’s book by standing by her man, husband-of-15-years Jayson Boebert, by blaming her spouse’s 2007 arrest for public indecency and lewd behavior—after he allegedly whipped his dick out at a bowling alley—on one of the women who were subjected to it.

Boebert—who was just 17 years old at the time—was there, and gave a statement to police; she claimed to have not seen him expose herself.

As Raw Story reports, Boebert wrote about the now-infamous incident in her new book, the surely thrilling My American Life. But in Lauren’s retelling of the story, the blame for Jayson’s lewd act rests squarely on one of the women involved. All Jayson was doing was attempting to cozy up to Lauren’s stepfather. As any young man looking to go a-courtin’ does, Jayson invited Lauren’s stepdad to meet up at the local bowling alley, which Boebert—who was just a teen at the time—claims is where the trouble began:

The female bartender flirted with Jayson, having heard previously from his friends what a catch he’d be. They even teased her by saying he’d gotten a great tattoo in a private area, which made her curious, so she pressed Jayson to show it to her right there at the bar. He ignored her and was embarrassed she was doing it in front of my stepfather. She wouldn’t stop.

According to Boebert, her future husband was uncomfortable and felt harassed by the young woman. So he did what most guys in that situation would do and showed her his schlong. Jayson “decided he’d heard enough, stood up, and acted like he was going to unzip his pants,” Boebert wrote. “Before he got that far, the owner of the bowling alley intervened.”

The police were called and charged Jayson with public indecency and lewd behavior, to which he pleaded guilty, leading to a four-day jail sentence plus two years of probation. While Lauren is adamant that her husband was the victim in this assault on the eyes, two female witnesses who were questioned separately gave matching accounts of what went down before Jayson’s pants did, and there was no goading bartender in their tales.

According to the Washington Examiner, however, “A witness, one of the women mentioned as a victim in the 2004 sheriff’s report, said in a statement that Jayson Boebert ‘came up behind us and pulled his penis out of his pants’ after personally bragging to her and another woman about his intimate tattoo,” which sounds a bit more plausible.

It wasn’t the only brush with the law for either Boebert. Shortly thereafter the bowling alley incident, the New York Post reports that Jayson was arrested on a domestic violence charge, with a court clerk claiming that Jayson “did unlawfully strike, shove or kick [Lauren]… and subjected her to physical contact.” It’s possible she was pregnant at the time.

Lauren Boebert herself has a bit of a rap sheet; in June 2015, she was charged with disorderly conduct at a Colorado music festival. In December 2015, after missing two scheduled court appearances in connection with that incident, Lauren was arrested. Less than a year after that, in September 2015, the current Colorado congresswoman was arrested again when she drove her truck into a ditch. She was charged with careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle, but again failed to appear in court. Probably because she believed it was the ditch’s fault.

(Via Raw Story)