Leslie Jones Was Hacked In Horrific Fashion And The Internet Rallied In Support

It seems like harassers just can’t leave Leslie Jones alone. After relentless attacks nearly drove the comedienne off social media, the trolls are back at it again. This time, Leslie’s dissenters have hacked her website.

Before being shut down, TMZ reports that hackers completely revamped Leslie’s site, posting a video of Harambe, the deceased gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo, and her personal information, including a scanned passport image and login credentials. They also hacked into her iCloud and posted pictures of her celebrity encounters featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who were also victims of hacks, coincidentally. Additionally, in an even more egregious breach of privacy, the hackers also leaked Leslie’s nude selfies and other sexually-explicit images.

Much like the last time Leslie was the target of critics who bombarded her social media account with racist and sexist tweets for daring to defend herself, the internet is rallying in support of the hilarious SNL actress.

“Leslie Jones has been put through it by racist trolls. My heart goes out to her for suffering all this vitriol. #LoveForLeslieJ,” tweeted a Leslie supporter after the hack. Another Leslie supporter shared similar sentiments, tweeting, “I want to protect Leslie Jones at all cost. I’m so hurt by people’s animosity towards her.”

Hopefully, Leslie sees all the love being poured out and fights through this latest attack.