Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘The Flash’ Is Back In The Running

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01.20.15 198 Comments

Sadly, you won’t have a double-dose of nerd tonight: Agent Carter has been pre-empted by some show called “State Of The Union.” It’s on all four major networks, probably a football thing.

Aaaaanyway, at least the President didn’t pre-empt The Flash. So in lieu of the usual listings, let’s talk about the Scarlet Speedster.

It and Supernatural are in the interesting position of having been renewed already, so they can relax on that score. When we last left Barry and his merry band of nerds, he’d had his first fight with the Reverse Flash and, well, got stomped. It was only Firestorm showing up that saved him.

This week’s episode promises even more stomping; it’s titled “Revenge of the Rogues” and features Captain Cold and Heat Wave teaming up to make Barry miserable. It will also introduce the Pied Piper, who features in next week’s episode, and will presumably lay the groundwork for the back half of the season… including the rumored arrival of Grodd during February sweeps.

We’ll be liveblogging Barry’s return tonight, starting at 8pm EST. Join us, won’t you?

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