Russia Thanks Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Josh Hawley And More Rightwingers For Their Support In A New Lincoln Project Parody

Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has enraged everyone — well, almost everyone. While many GOP leaders have condemned the move, which has seen heavy pushback by Ukrainians, some failed to get the memo. Among them are Tucker Carlson, who has spent recent Fox News shows decrying the “corrupt” nation that Vladimir Putin has ordered invaded. Even Newsmax, the virulently pro-Trump news network, has called Tucker out. But Russian powers have been eating it up, even airing his shows on state TV.

As such, the latest parody ad from The Lincoln Project — the team of longtime Republicans who teamed up to defeat Donald Trump’s future presidential hopes — isn’t that far from reality. The ad pretends to be Russian propaganda, praising the “glorious invasion of Ukraine.” It also points out that “Field Marshal Putin” has offered thanks to all the American conservatives who have helped him.

There’s Carlson, of course, along with others on Fox News who have spent more time trashing Biden than Putin (when they’re not outright praising him). They also singled out Steve Bannon, who saluted Putin for not being “woke” (i.e., homophobic) as well as Josh Hawley, who has done his best to “block enemies of Russia,” such as the Democrats who now control all three bodies of government.

The ad ends by twisting the knife, saying Russia has “waited 40 years for American Republicans to throw away disgrace of Ronald Reagan,” the staunchly anti-Soviet president the GOP has long elevated to godlike status. How times change.

You can watch the ad in the video above.