Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Wraps Up The Year With ‘Three Ghosts’

The second part of the two-part “mid-season finale” on Arrow rolls out tonight. And it picks up with Ollie in a bad way and Barry Allen being trusted rather implicitly for something pretty serious. A recap of what’s been going on, under the jump.

  • This universe’s version of Solomon Grundy, called the Acolyte, has been stealing the necessary components to make Venom for Alderdouche, aka Brother Blood.
  • Barry Allen debuts, promptly hits it off with Felicity, and turns out to have a personal stake in what’s going on…which Ollie uses to pull a total beaver dam on Felicity, which is lame since he categorically shot her down. He also tends to have lightning flashing whenever he’s nearby, for some inexplicable reason.
  • Ollie spends most of the episode getting his ass kicked in some way, shape, or form, capping it off by getting pumped full of some toxin that was improperly stored. Although considering the Starling City Police Department, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that nobody in Starling City caps off their sharps.
  • Roy used to be a sidekick, and then he got an arrow to the knee. Courtesy of Ollie, who you kind of can’t blame for being sick of Roy’s crap. Unfortunately, that doesn’t end well for Roy in other respects.
  • Moira discovers being a terrorist and more or less directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds does little to endear you to society’s elite. She also manages to stand off Malcolm, who is back to drag Thea off somewhere, presumably to train her to kill. Sadly, Malcolm doesn’t take Laurelbadger instead. He just makes some vague threats and leaves.
  • And on Flashback Island, Deathstroke, excuse me, Slade gets pumped full of said rage juice, bleeds out of the eyes, and dies. Considering Manu Bennett is a member of the cast and has a contrast, this will likely stick like eggs on Teflon. Especially since the results of the serum are, more or less, Deathstroke’s powers.

As for this episode, considering it’s December and the title, we’re assuming Ollie will be spending a fair chunk of it tripping, and probably dealing with past regrets. Because it just wouldn’t be an episode of Arrow without a guilt trip. Or three! Place your bets as to when in the episode Tommy pops up below, and come back for all the fun tonight at 8pm EST.