The FDA Is Quite Literally After Lucky The Leprechaun’s Lucky Charms

As it turns out, the “magically delicious” ingredient in the classic sugary cereal Lucky Charms might be poisoning consumers…or at least they think that’s what’s happening. According to The New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration is looking into reports after thousands of consumers claimed they were becoming ill after eating the marshmallow-laden cereal.

On, a site where users can report and warn others about various food-related illnesses, Lucky Charms have acquired over 3,000 entries involving nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The FDA also received over 100 submissions to their own site regarding the cereal. The FDA said they will seriously investigate “any reports of possible adulteration of a food that may also cause illnesses or injury.” Many users have reported gastrointestinal issues after eating the cereal, with many reports coming from California.

General Mills also allegedly launched their own investigation, though they had found no evidence that the cereal is the cause of the illness. Andrea Wilson, a spokesperson for the company, insisted they had “not found any evidence of consumer illness linked to the consumption of Lucky Charms.”

Lucky Charms fans have also taken to Twitter to express their concerns. This is not the first time General Mills has been pressured by social media to investigate– everyone remembered where they were when they first heard about the shrimp/cinnamon toast crunch debacle.

“Food safety is our top priority,” Williamson added. “We encourage consumers to please share any concerns directly with General Mills to ensure they can be appropriately addressed.”

We are still waiting on a comment from Lucky the leprechaun. Maybe it’s best to stick to Fruity Pebbles for now.