Madison Cawthorn Got Dragged After He Was Busted Driving With A Revoked License — Again

Of last year’s freshman class of Trumpist Republicans, Madison Cawthorn doesn’t get the same volume of press as a Marjorie Taylor Greene or a Lauren Boebert. But it’s not for lack of trying. He’s advocated for a bloody Second Civil War. He’s brought a loaded gun aboard a plane. He’s gotten divorced after a mere eight months after preaching traditional family values. These are all outside-the-box ways to get attention, and so is this: He got busted for driving with a revoked license — again.

As per The Asheville Citizen Times, the North Carolina representative was pulled over last week by highway patrol, who then deduced that he was driving without a proper license. He’d already had two pending citations for speeding, in both cases well above the speed limit, with two court dates set for April and early May. Now he has a third.

In North Carolina, a driver’s license can be revoked for many reasons, including speeding. Driving without a license is a Class 3 misdemeanor, carrying a 21-day jail sentence, though the punishment is usually simply a fine or probation.

It’s not the first time Cawthorn has been busted driving with a revoked license. He did the same thing back in 2017, long before he was elected to Congress.

When word broke that an elected official had repeatedly broke multiple laws, people couldn’t help but find it hypocritical.

Some settled for jokes.

Cawthorn was last in the news for “prowling” various Cracker Barrels and Waffle Houses looking for someone, anyone who supports him. Maybe one of them will be his chauffeur, perhaps after he’s out of the slammer.

(Via The Asheville Citizen Times)