Marco Rubio Is Whining That The Only Reason Val Demings Squashed Him In A Debate Is Because The Questions Were Unfair

Anyone in possession of eyes and ears who watched Marco Rubio debate Val Demings earlier this week saw the Florida senator repeatedly had his ass handed to him by his Democratic challenger. But Sean Hannity must not have been paying attention.

On Thursday night, the Fox News host welcomed Rubio as a guest and commended his “very strong performance” during Tuesday’s debate. Hannity then took it one step further and noted how “every candidate running for office” should watch Rubio versus Demings, “because you wiped the floor in that debate,” which is, um, a stretch to say the least. And Rubio seemed to know that. Which is why he went on to whine about how unfair it all was. On the topic of abortion specifically, Rubio complained, Democrats want to operate in a sort of nebulous space:

Unfortunately, in my debate, the moderators never pressed [Demings] on it. They asked me like eight questions about abortion and never asked her one about, ‘Well, what restrictions or what limitations would you support?’ And I think you’re seeing reporters ask that question of the White House and Joe Biden has the same answer. He says it’s Roe v. Wade liability, but they’ll never tell you what that is… They never get asked about it.

Rubio used this woe-is-me mindset to push for some fundraising, telling viewers that the upcoming elections are basically the most important you’ll ever take part in — and that Democrats are raising a sh*t ton of money from woke liberals, who are encouraged by the woke media. “And by the way, they’re running a ton of money,” Rubio said of the Dems. “Val Demings raised $20 million in three months from liberals all across America… So I always ask people to go on my website and help in any way you can. Because if you saw that debate, you realized pretty quickly that the media — even the local media — is not going to be helping me with my message.”