Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Fire-Roasted For Actually Saying That No One’s Fighting For The ‘Average White Male’

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been attempting to “rehabilitate” her image as she reportedly jockeys to be Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024. The controversial congresswoman has denounced her prior QAnon beliefs, and she tried to paint herself as the voice of reason during the contentious Speaker of the House vote. Greene has even distanced herself from Lauren Boebert (albeit via a bathroom brawl) but at the end of the day, the Georgia representative still can’t help putting her foot in her mouth.

During a recent video, Greene can be championing the plight of the average white man, who just can’t seem to catch a break in this country. It’s hard out here, you guys.

Via Newsweek:

Greene complained that lobbyists in the U.S. are just fighting “for big corporations and industries” and no one is taking care of “regular Mr and Mrs American, like mom and pops shops, the single moms trying to make it, the guy.”

The MAGA Republican lamented that “there’s not people fighting for regular Americans,” such as “the average white male trying to climb the corporate ladder when his problem is being white and male.”

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with Greene’s words as users repeatedly pointed out that white men control an overwhelming majority of top level positions in corporate America.

“88.8% of CEOs, CFOs, and COOs in 2022 were white, and 88.1% were men,” Michigan State Board of Education member Mitchell Robinson fired back. “Thanks for fighting for the underdog, Marge.”

Other users highlighted Greene’s past appearance at a white nationalist rally, which adds a whole lot of concerning context to this latest rant. You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Newsweek)