Matt Gaetz Tweeted To Congratulate Marjorie Taylor Greene On Her Fancy New Committee Assignments And She Promptly Responded By Blasting Him

Either Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t know how to take a compliment, or she knows fellow congressperson Matt Gaetz well enough to know that when he congratulated her on her new committee appointments, the sentiment behind his tweet might not have been as sincere as he made it sound. Either way, it’s a lot of fun to watch!

Though Greene and Gaetz seemed to have become fast friends shortly after the Georgia congresswoman’s arrival to the House of Representatives, the protracted battle for Kevin McCarthy to be named Speaker of the House appears to have irreparably split the one-time bosom buddies apart. While Greene surprised everyone by sticking with the majority and backing McCarthy as speaker, Gaetz spent several days and more than a dozen rounds of voting nominating a series of people — including Donald Trump — as speaker. For once, Greene seems to have made the smarter choice, as she has now officially been assigned to some actual congressional committees, including the House Homeland Security (gulp!) and Oversight (JFC!) Committees.

On Wednesday, as The Hill reports, Gaetz tweeted out a “Bravo!” to his thought-to-be pal about her achievements. Her biting response told us everything we need to know about where their relationship stands.

While Greene could have simply retweeted Gaetz’s original email, replied with a short-but-sweet “thanks,” or ignored it altogether, she instead used it as an opportunity to trash Gaetz for slowing down the entire process of naming a speaker and getting back to the business of congress.

But if you think this marks a new leaf for the conspiracy theory-loving, gun-toting firebrand, think again. As she stated in her reply to Gaetz: “As the leading MAGA voice in Congress, I look forward to committees.”

(Via The Hill)