A Resurfaced Clip Of Marjorie Taylor Greene Laughing About COVID Is Making The Rounds After Her Appointment To A Pandemic Subcommittee

A video of Marjorie Taylor Greene giggling after the mention of people and children dying of COVID has resurfaced after she announced her appointment to a new House subcommittee that will investigate the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to to her loyalty to Kevin McCarthy during the contentious Speaker of the House vote, Greene has been rewarded with a number of committees and this latest appointment is not going over well.

“I’m honored to serve on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic,” Greene crowed on Twitter. “It’s time to reveal the truth on the origins of COVID, the authoritarian Democrat response, vaccines, and Fauci’s NIAID involvement in gain-of-function research.”

According to Politico, the pandemic subcommittee will basically be a feeding frenzy for anti-Fauci conspiracy theories:

The subcommittee is likely to be at the center of a multi-pronged, GOP-led effort to investigate coronavirus policies. That’s expected to include pandemic restrictions, the origins of the virus and decisions by high-profile health officials, including Anthony Fauci, who stepped down from his post as President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser last year.

Following Greene’s appointment to the right-wing subcommittee, people on Twitter dug up a video from July 2021 where Greene can be seen laughing at the mention of “skinny people” and “children” dying of COVID while a reporter attempts to confront the congresswoman with the real-life dangers of the pandemic. The quote tweets for the video have been filling up with people blasting McCarthy for expecting people to believe that Greene can be trusted to deliver the facts about the government’s pandemic response.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Politico, Acyn on Twitter)