Marjorie Taylor Greene Was Stripped Of Her House Committee Seats By Congress And People On Twitter Reacted

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried very hard to distance herself from her racist, anti-Semitic and violent rhetoric and conspiracy theories in recent days, but that did little to stop a vote against her in the US House of Representatives on Thursday.

After debating whether to exile her from congressional committees, the House voted, 230-199, to strike the representative from Georgia after what felt like an endless stream of wild conspiracy theories surfaced in the wake of her unwavering support for Donald Trump, even after an unsuccessful coup attempt carried out in part by people who believe the same baseless QAnon conspiracy she’s supported.

As the New York Times reported, Greene is still very much a member of congress, but one effectively stripped of most duties beyond voting when the rest of the House does.

The vote effectively stripped Ms. Greene of her influence in Congress by banishing her from committees critical to advancing legislation and conducting oversight. Party leaders traditionally control the membership of the panels. While Democrats and Republicans have occasionally moved to punish their own members by stripping them of assignments, the majority has never in modern times moved to do so to a lawmaker in the other party.

As the story explains, this kind of punishment is usually carried out by a member’s own party. And Republicans did exactly that in 2018 when another representative said something offensive. But the party refused to condemn Greene, and many stood by her on Thursday.

In a speech she made before the vote, Greene attempted to undo her conspiracy theory advocacy by saying, in part, that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 “absolutely happened” and that school shootings were “absolutely real” after she had suggested that parts of both were staged. Videos of her stalking school shooting victims were given new attention in recent days, as did a number of her other posts on social media that have made her a star on the fringe of the right wing. Which is why there were plenty of people celebrating the decision on Twitter on Thursday, including other representatives.

There were also some stunning moments during the debate, including the reminder that Greene’s campaign once included her holding a rifle in imagery that targeted Democratic members of The Squad.

Which is why Cori Bush’s speech against Greene drew particular praise on Thursday.

And despite the news that Greene saw consequences for her past comments, many reminded others that Greene is still in power. And also pointed out that her apology of sorts willfully forgets she was touting wild conspiracies as recently as days ago.