Mark Hamill And More Have Slammed The White House’s ‘Build The Wall’ Kids Game

There are few presidential administrations weirder than the current one, each day bringing a new and creatively awful thing to worry about. The president himself has been so busy intimidating whistleblowers and getting booed at sporting events that it took a week for everyone to notice this: On October 25, the White House held a Halloween party for kids that featured a game in which they helped build a border wall.

The game involved the children of high-level government employees and select VIP guests, and it’s not clear if all of them were aware of, and cool with, their little ones engaging in a lighthearted activity involving xenophobia, racism, and death. Young participants were asked to make paper bricks to construct their own makeshift wall, which included, in large letters, “Build the wall.”

Meanwhile, on parts of the border, children their age have been separated from their parents by agents. A disturbing number of them have gone missing. Others have gotten sick and been treated inhumanely.

It’s excellent parenting all around, earning some, shall we say, strongly worded comments across social media, including, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter, from Luke Skywalker himself.

“Children are born innocent,” Mark Hamill tweeted. “They can only be taught racism & hatred. What they learned at this #WH event is frightening beyond words. Remember when a #POTUS was a role-model for kids? We’re better than this.”

Hamill wasn’t the only one appalled.

(Via THR)