Matt Damon Is Being Dragged For Appearing In A Ridiculous Ad Promoting Cryptocurrency

It’s an odd time for celebrity endorsements. Famous people have been lending their names to products (and making extra dough) since advertising began, but a couple new, bizarre ones have been turning heads. First there was AMC’s expensive ads featuring Nicole Kidman beckoning people back to movie theaters. Now there’s Matt Damon shilling for one of the most questionable products in existence: cryptocurrency.

The ad finds the actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter strolling through a white-walled lair-of-sorts that kind of looks like the teched-up version of the Batcave from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. “History is filled with almosts,” Damon crows, “with those who almost adventured, who almost achieved, but ultimately for them it proves to be too much.” He then points to those who did the unthinkable: mountaineers, the Wright brothers, astronauts, and, uh, people about to make out in a nightclub.

What exactly is Damon selling? The ad saves that for the end: It’s for

Given that crypto has attracted thieves, that it can have troubling glitches that make people think they’re briefly trillionaires, people were primed to slam Damon for hopping on-board. Some dragged him for not only shilling for crypto but also comparing those involved with it with history’s greatest innovators.

Others just made fun of him.

Others lamented that the future is nowhere close to as cool as people once thought it would be.

On the other hand, at least Damon isn’t singing about the glories of NFTs. Yet.