People Are Baffled That AMC Theaters Is Spending $25 Million On A New Ad Campaign Starring Nicole Kidman

With the notable exception of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings defying box office exceptions, things have not been great for the movie theater industry since the coronavirus pandemic threw Hollywood into disarray all the way back in March 2020. Granted, Black Widow and F9 were modest hits, but they were short of their pre-pandemic potential, and much momentum that was returning to the box office went out the window as the Delta variant started spiking cases in July.

In an effort to turn the tide, AMC Theaters has launched a new $25 million national ad campaign starring Nicole Kidman. It’s an interesting choice given that Kidman has been predominantly starring in prestige TV shows as of late, and also, the sneak peak video shows her strolling into a theater maskless to watch a movie while we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

After debuting the campaign on Wednesday, people were quick to let AMC know what they thought of its baffling attempt to lure people into movie theaters as COVID cases continue to rage across the country.

However, not all of the reactions were negative. AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron also tweeted out the Kidman video and was greeted by possible retail investors, who praised the campaign with a level of intensity normally reserved for Elon Musk:

The internet’s weird, man.

(Via AMC Theaters)