Somehow Meghan McCain’s Husband Criticizing Trump Led To A Compliment About His Wife’s, Um, Assets

This story begins with Ron DeSantis, takes a hard pivot towards Donald Trump and COVID, and ends with Meghan McCain‘s husband complimenting her “big tits.” It makes sense in context… kind of… maybe… not really. What a time to be alive.

On Tuesday, The Federalist co-founder Ben Domenech shared a tweet from Casey “First Lady of Florida” DeSantis on behalf of her presidential hopeful husband about the Sunshine State remaining open for business during the pandemic (and ignoring all the people who died). “This message would curbstomp the other Florida man if taken nationwide, in part because he failed to do so much of the same,” he wrote in response.

Domenech was obviously referring to Trump, but in case that wasn’t clear, he added, “The total inability of Trump suckers to acknowledge that he totally botched the pandemic is still their weirdest aspect. It’s obvious, it’s undeniable, just admit it.” A Twitter user did not care for this take and wrote back, “Megan must be waving those fat boobs of hers to get your attn… loser.” Domenech, who is married to former-The View host Meghan McCain, replied, “I must inform you it does not make me a loser to have a wife with big tits.” Heartbreaking: the worst person you know just, etc.

The tweet caught the attention of McCain:

McCain recently took a Twitter break. After this conversation, now it’s our turn.

(Via Page Six)