‘The View’ Has Reportedly Chosen A Replacement For Meghan McCain (Who Coincidentally Announced A Twitter Break)

After a nearly year-long search, The View has reportedly chosen a permanent co-host to fill Meghan McCain‘s seat. Ever since the fiery conservative exited the show last summer, ABC has struggled to find a conservative replacement as it tested out a series of right-wing guest hosts including former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffith, who’s been chosen as McCain’s successor for Season 26.

Despite clashing with The View co-hosts, particularly Sunny Hostin called Griffith a “stormtrooper” for working for Donald Trump, the former comms director was offered the permanent position by ABC who will announce the news “imminently,” according to the Daily Mail. The decision is reportedly not going over well behind the scenes:

One source close to the discussions with the former White House aide said: ‘My jaw dropped when I was told that she was the pick. It makes no sense. Part of me wishes they just leaned into MAGA and hired Kimberly Guilfoyle, at least it would better reflect part of the audience and there would be fireworks every day.’

Another insider told DailyMail.com: ‘Her soon to be co-hosts are very upset. They feel she isn’t authentic and changes her opinions based on who her paymaster is.

As for McCain’s reaction, she conveniently announced that she was taking a “Twitter break” on the same day that her current employer broke the news of Griffith being offered her old gig:

“Taking a twitter break for the rest of the summer but will be updating you all on my @DailyMail columns here,” McCain tweeted. “Thanks for following. Go outside and breathe the fresh air while summer lasts if you can!”

Griffith hasn’t even started her new position yet, but she’s already caused a problem with at least one celebrity guest. Comedian Wanda Sykes backed out of an appearance on The View last week after learning that Griffith was going to be on the panel. “She didn’t want to be part of helping a Trumper launder her reputation,” an insider on the show told The Daily Beast.

(Via Daily Mail)