A Resurfaced ‘The View’ Clip Of Meghan McCain Being Comforted By Biden Is Raising Eyebrows After She Branded Him As ‘Moronic’

In December 2017, Joe Biden stopped by The View where his trademark fatherly compassion and kindness were quickly put to the test as he arrived to the panel to find a sobbing Meghan McCain. You see, the Bidens and McCains have been longtime family friends, and McCain was well aware that Biden had lost his son, Beau, to brain cancer. When the former vice president appeared on the show, McCain’s father, Senator John McCain, was in the midst of his cancer diagnosis that would eventually lead to his death.

Overwhelmed by the emotional toll that cancer takes on a family, McCain began sobbing, and Biden quickly leapt into action. The now current president moved his chair to McCain’s side, held her hand, and comforted her (as she cried) by speaking glowingly of her father who was a dear friend to Biden. It’s easily one of the most memorable moments on The View, and a display of genuine human kindness that stood out in the start of the not-so-kind Trump years.

You can see the full clip above, where Biden stays close to an understandably emotional McCain and guides her through the segment.

As for why the four year old clip from The View is resurfacing now, in her latest column for the Daily Mail, McCain blasts Biden as “moronic” after the former View host caught COVID and had trouble finding rapid tests. As her column began to bounce around social media, Twitter users dug up the Biden clip and began calling out McCain for her harsh criticism of a man who comforted her on live TV when her father’s cancer diagnosis became too much to bear.

Looking at the reactions below, McCain doesn’t come off looking great:

(Via The View)