Megyn Kelly Dared Charlize Theron To ‘F*ck Me Up’ Over Her Pro-Drag Queen Comments (Despite Charlize Playing Her In A Movie Once)

Charlize Theron has three Oscar nominations (and one win) under her belt, and one of them is for playing, of all people, Megyn Kelly. (That’s not the one she won for.) In Bombshell, the actress was terrifyingly transformed into the former Fox News host, who was one of many female staffers sexually harassed by the network’s former honcho, Roger Ailes. Did that make Kelly a Theron stan for life? Apparently not, because now she’s challenging her to a fight.

Theron was one of a number of celebrities who participated in the recent Drag Isn’t Dangerous telethon, which aimed to push back against the ridiculous far right campaign against drag queens doing shows for kids. During it, Theron gave one of the more passionate rally calls.

“We love you queens. We’re in your corner and we’ve got you, and I will f*ck anybody up who’s trying to f*ck with anything with you guys,” Theron said.

On her show SiriusXM show Friday, Kelly played the clip in full, but was not moved. On the contrary, she took up Theron’s dare.

“Okay, so why doesn’t Charlize Theron come and f*ck me up? Because I’m 100% against her on this,” Kelly thundered.

Kelly went on to parrot claims that drag shows for kids have included “sexual behavior, and like sexual references, just sexualization in front of children too young,” and accused them of “grooming.” She did acknowledge the elephant in the room, saying, “I feel like I have some weird connection with this person because she played me in a movie.”

During her telethon appearance, Theron mounted a fervent defense of drag shows. “There are so many things that are hurting and, really, killing our kids, and we all know what I’m talking about right now and it ain’t no drag queen,” she said. “Because if you’ve ever seen a drag queen lip-sync for her life, it only makes you happier, it only make you love more, it makes you a better person.”

Theron has not yet responded to Kelly’s dare, but surely it’s not a good idea to mess with Furiosa. In the meantime, at least Kelly recently scored an awkward selfie with another Bombshell star, Margot Robbie.

(Via New York Post)