Melania Trump Was Reportedly Worried Rudy Giuliani And Other Voter Fraud Weirdos Would Walk In On Her While She Was In Her Robe

The White House was never exactly calm during the Trump administration, but during its last stretch it was a circus. That’s because the big guy lost re-election but refused — and still refuses — to accept it. There were a lot of crazy characters gallivanting about 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., hocking up increasingly desperate (and in some cases illegal) nonsense. One person who reportedly did not enjoy the commotion was the then-First Lady, who was sure some of those idiots would walk in on her wearing only a robe.

As per The New York Post, when she spoke to the Jan. 6 committee, Stephanie Grisham made sure to spill some beans about Melania, for whom she worked as Chief of Staff during her final days in the administration. According to her, her former employer was “very upset” when her husband’s revolving door army of bozos would make their way into the residential area of the White House.

“She hated when people would come to the residence,” Grisham, who these days can be seen on The View, told the House select committee. “That was her home, she wanted privacy. So I do recall, towards the end, her telling me that there were constantly meetings happening in the Yellow Oval, which is the room up in the residence, with various people.”

To make matters worse, no one, not even her thoughtful husband, would give Melania a heads up when some conspiracy theory-spouting twit would make their way into her then-home, where she might be casually walking around in a robe. She didn’t name names — well, except for Sidney Powell, the Diet Dr. Pepper-loving lawyer who torched her livelihood to spread nonsense even Trump thought was wackadoodle. And she named Rudy Giuliani, who did more than burn up his law licenses.

Grisham never said whether or not Giuliani and company ever walked in on Melania while she was chilling out. But the idea of the guy who had black mystery goo dribble down his head during one of his chaotic voter fraud pressers suddenly entering your personal space doesn’t sound nice. No wonder she wasn’t exactly upset when they had to leave.

(Via The New York Post)