Rudy Giuliani Had A Weird Explanation For The Black Goo That Leaked Down His Face During A Press Conference

Rudy Giuliani’s press conference on November 19 was an all-timer. Not only did Donald Trump’s highest-priced, most bumbling lawyer quote My Cousin Vinny and break out a terrible Joe Pesci impression, black goo started leaking down his face.

Fox News called him a liar, Anderson Cooper said he was “pathetic,” and even Geraldo Rivera, the same Geraldo who thinks the COVID vaccine should be called “the Trump,” has had enough of the former-mayor of New York City. Giuliani didn’t discuss the Venom-looking ooze at the time — he was too busy peddling false conspiracy theories about the election — but he joked it about on a recent episode of The Not Even a Show.

When asked by comedian Chris James about the “black stuff that was seeping out of your head,” Giuliani replied, “Oh my God, it was some of my brains, it was some of my brains. I was thinking so hard. God, it was like, this was a very rough press conference, gotta get everything across, gotta think really hard.” Those are the kind of comedy chops that got him an SNL hosting gig (seriously, what a strange little man). Rudy also said he used a “rag” to put his brain back in, which “rejuvenated” his “brainpower.” This rag?

You can watch The Not Even a Show episode below.

(Via Mediaite)