Rudy Giuliani’s Wild Wine Lady Witness Mellissa Carone Has Been Disqualified From Running For Congress In Michigan

Few have had more disastrous couple months than Rudy Giuliani did in late 2020. There was the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle. The black mystery goo. And the Wild Wine Lady witness who was supposed to show incontrovertible proof of voter fraud. She did not. But while Giuliani went on to a future of lawsuits and reality show appearances, that Wild Wine Lady — real name Mellissa Carone — soldiered on. One thing she wanted to do was run for Congress. But now that’s not to be.

As per The Detroit News (as caught by Raw Story), Carone was one of 15 candidates informed that they were disqualified for running for various offices in Michigan. The majority of them were booted for signing false statements claiming compliance with state finance requirements. Carone, who was hoping to challenge a Republican representative in the 11th district, was actually already disqualified for filing a faulty affidavit claiming she had no outstanding campaign finance issues.

Giuliani enlisted Carone after she claimed to have witnessed voter fraud while working as a poll watcher. Her slurry, snappy, eccentric court appearance was instantly notorious, earning so many comparisons to Cecily Strong that the SNL performer’s name trended on Twitter. (Her inevitable impersonation earned raves even from Carone herself.) To the surprise of few, her allegations didn’t carry much water. Also unsurprisingly, she later hatched a conspiracy theory about Obama helping create COVID.

(Via Detroit News and Raw Story)