A Goop Candle Was Somehow Involved In An Incident ‘Where Two Men Had Caught Fire’ In The Hamptons

As far as Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina goes, she’s pretty open about its magical healing powers or whatever, often creating products that promise some sort of vaginal enlightenment if used correctly (please do not put these rocks up your vagina). But her most popular products, a series of candles inspired by vaginas, are actually pretty dangerous.

At the Goop store in Sag Harbor, New York, two men recently caught fire, which was supposedly brought on by Goop’s signature vagina candles. The products reportedly were cleaned with rubbing alcohol which is truly the last thing that should be put near an open flame, besides maybe an actual vagina. Unfortunately, the ordeal caused a series of serious burns for one of the victims, who was been transported to a nearby hospital.

According to the official police blotter report (via the East Hampton Star): “Police responded to a strange scene at Goop on Saturday evening, where two men had caught fire. They reported that rubbing alcohol had been added to candles, causing a large explosion and flames. Police were able to apply ice packs, but one man, who had a large burn on his back and ears, had to be taken by helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital. The other, who had sustained facial burns, was transported by ambulance to Southampton Hospital.”

To make matters even more alarming, this is actually the third time that Goop’s candles have been involved in an exploding incident: last year, a woman in London claimed her Goop candle “exploded” after being lit. Another customer in Texas had a similar experience last spring. This all begs the question: whatever happened to a good, old-fashioned Yankee Candle? Those never hurt anybody! Hopefully.

(Via Jezebel)