We’re Sorry To Report That Gwyneth Paltrow Eats Her Vagina Candle In A New Uber Eats Ad

Academy award-winning actress, NFT pusher, and vagina entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow is adding a new role to her resume, starring in new Uber Eats Super Bowl ad.

In the clip, Paltrow is eating one of her infamous vagina candles which she says tastes funny, but not bad! Okay, Gwyneth! Uber Eats also dropped two more teasers, one with icon Jennifer Coolidge and another with Trevor Noah.

Coolidge’s ad features her shockingly exclaim “Lipstick? Delivered with Uber Eats?!” before chowing down on the purple stick, which she claims tastes like “purple.” Noah’s ad does the same routine, but with deodorant. Uber encourages fans to find out why the celebs are eating their non-edible food by tuning into the Big Game next Sunday, but it’s not hard to assume. The ads are supposedly to promote non-food items that Uber Eats is starting to offer, including toiletries, makeup, and, allegedly, candles.

This isn’t the first time Uber Eats has had a star-studded ad campaign, as their Elton John/ Lil Nas X commercial went viral last Fall, and who could forget their Wayne’s World reunion from last year. All of these star-studded, high-budget commercials beg the question: do people really use Uber Eats? It seems so.

Check out the rest of the ads below, then tune in to watch the thrilling conclusion on Super Bowl Sunday. Also to watch the game, presumably.